• Pressure Washing

    We have ultra-high pressure machines capable of projecting cold water, hot water as well as steam at high pressure (up to 10,000 psi.).

  • Welding

    Minoan can handle welding jobs across a variety of industries. We provide mobile welding and fabrication services from heavy equipment repair to large scale industrial projects.

  • Sandblasting

    Minoan provides shop and field abrasive blasting services. We operate with the latest dust collection and blasting equipment and can provide temporary containment to minimize dust movement.

  • Industrial Painting

    Minoan has been painting concrete and steel structures/equipment for decades. We have the latest abrasive blast and painting equipment capable of handling any industrial painting job.


Minoan specializes in all types of industrial services (sandblasting, industrial painting, pressure washing, and welding) in York, PA, and surrounding areas. We can inspect, maintain and rehabilitate large concrete and steel structures such as water storage tanks, refineries and associated fuel storage facilities, silos, waste water treatment plants, etc.. We also offer emergency repair & demolition services.

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