Industrial Painting

Choosing the right company to paint your water tank, warehouse, or any other facility, structure or equipment is a big decision. Besides compromising the aesthetic appeal of whatever you are painting, a bad paint job causes your coating to fail prematurely resulting in added painting costs after a few years.

Minoan has been offering exemplary industrial painting services for almost a decade now. We have been preparing, coating and painting warehouses, bridges and many other facilities and structures since 2000. Our aggressive surface preparation techniques, as well as specialized coatings, have been tested and proven by countless site managers.

Our skills have been tested in the most complex sites offering unique challenges. We can comfortably say we’ve handled just about all industrial maintenance situations you can think of thanks to our highly skilled staff with decades of experience meeting the most stringent safety and industrial standards.

Our clients in the industrial sectors include but aren’t limited to; large corporations with manufacturing and distribution plants, warehouses, water & sewerage treatment plants and tank/chemical storage facilities. We can also paint bridges, parking garages, machinery and equipment, pipelines, stadiums/arenas and much more!

Specialized painting services

We also offer highly specialized painting services like; historic restoration and painting. Historic buildings or structures demand unmatched painting skill and attention to detail. You can trust Minoan to restore buildings and structures of historical significance to their lost glory. This service extends to museums, national landmarks, churches, libraries and more.

We also offer lead-based paint services. We are one of few companies qualified to handle lead paint abatement projects.

Minoan can also provide high performance & heavy duty painting solutions where average painting solutions don’t work, i.e. for fast curing times, flexibility, waterproofing, corrosion protection, weather tolerance, and chemical/environmental & atmospheric resistance.

Our industrial painting service can be offered alongside services such as welding and sandblasting.