Over the past eight years, Minoan has built an impressive portfolio of welding certifications that allow us to offer a wide range of welding services including, but not limited to; modifications and repairs, field/workshop fabrication and sectional replacements.

Do you want to add new roof hatches, a new shell manhole, shell plate, install new ladders, safety climbing equipment or cages? Does your tank or any other metal structure show signs of aging? Minoan has expert welders and fabricators capable of designing new accessories for your metal structures. We have highly skilled craftsmen capable of welding, repairing, removing and restoring worn out parts of a variety of metal structures.

If your equipment, pipeline or structures require welding services, you need a company like Minoan that minimizes downtime and delivers high-quality work that meets ASME as well as US standards. Our welders are skilled and experienced in a variety of welding services including; hot work, field and structural fabrication as well as highly specialized services like precision welding.

You can hire us for the most delicate welding applications requiring unmatched precision. We can also offer repeatable weld quality ideal for ultra-high purity applications. Our services also extend to specialized welding applications that demand a high-purity inert atmosphere. We can also etch and engrave manufactured components with excellent accuracy and precision. What’s more, we perform rigorous testing and inspect weld strength and precision. We also offer related services such as industrial painting

Our welding services can be offered in our workshop  or nearby areas without interfering with your business operations. We are on call throughout ready to provide our services so that you can continue focusing on your core business.