Minoan offers sandblasting services in a large fully-enclosed facility packed with the latest blasting and dust collection equipment. We can also bring our blasting services to you.

Our sandblasting service smoothens, shapes and cleans hard surfaces by forcing sand among other media on the surfaces at high speeds. The service offers finishes better than those offered by sandpaper or other conventional smoothening, shaping and cleaning methods. We guarantee unmatched results on entire surfaces including problem areas like corners and crannies.

Sandblasting is done by highly specialized equipment consisting of a chamber where sand and air is mixed before traveling through a nozzle and blasting a workpiece or surface at high-speed. Minoan Industrial Services is able to deliver the best sandblasting services in the northeastern United States and nearby areas because our equipment feature nozzles that come in many shapes, sizes and materials allowing us to tackle any sandblasting application imaginable.

We have some of the best professionals in the industry working for us and we are licensed to offer other related services like lead abatement on industrial superstructures and commercial buildings. We have the equipment and manpower to offer abrasive blast cleaning among other related applications of specialty and general coating.

Minoan also observes OSHA safety standards and environmental safeguards while offering sandblasting service. Our employees have the certification required to construct containment systems and scaffolding as well as operate dust collection equipment ensuring blast emissions don’t escape the site.

This is precisely why our services have been trusted for almost a decade by commercial businesses, industrial complex operators as well as the public entities.

Our blasting services are available promptly for clients who would want structures or surfaces prepared and painted. We can handle both small scale and large scale blasting operations and provide related services like painting.